I am an excellent fangirl.

Whether it’s books, movies, TV shows, fictional characters, or even just my every day life I know how to get way too invested. 

Harry Potter? Who went to midnight book release parties at Barnes & Noble? This girl! I cry every time. I’m tearing up now just thinking about The Battle of Hogwarts. 

Survivor? The logic. The strategy. The locations. The Day 27 beards. I’m just obsessed. I might not want to actually admit to this, but if it’s Thursday you’ll probably find me at my computer editing and listening to the Survivor Know It Alls podcast. #whitericewednesday 

Veronica Mars? No one was more excited than me when Rob Thomas created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie in 2013. In case you were wondering, the movie was funded in less than 24 hours and it is the perfect wrap up of one of my most beloved TV shows.

That’s just naming a few I could go on and on about The Braverman’s, my coffee mug collection, being an aunt, Gilmore Girls, Pilot G2 Pens, traveling, waiting for film scans to come back and iZombie.

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Will be available for purchase online.

Once your registration has been completed and your payment has been made you will receive an email with a Sign Up Genius link for you to pick the date, time and location of your senior portrait session!

+ I've completed my registration & made my payment. How Do I sign up?

+ When does the price increase?

Starting September 1st pricing increases to $235.

Early Bird Pricing of $205 applies to registration forms & payments completed now through August 31st. Included in that price is a 20 minute session at your choice of 5 locations and a digital gallery of images.

+ what is the pricing information?

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Detailed instructions on how to download will be included with your digital gallery but it's a few simple clicks to have the images downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

+ How Do I download my photos?

+ What if I want Studio Cap & Gown portraits?

Studio Cap & Gown portraits will be taken on campus at Da Vinci Schools in the fall. These images will be uploaded and available for purchase online. 

Your digital gallery will be delivered within 4 weeks of your senior portrait session. 

+ How long does it take to receive my photos?

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These photos are a reflection of you! Wear something that makes you look and feel great! 

+ What Should I wear?

+ Can I take Photos with my Friends?

If you & your senior friends want photos together I would LOVE to take them! Just schedule your senior portrait sessions on the same day and we can make that happen!

YES! I would love to photograph you with your family! These are mainly senior photos but if the whole family wants to come along we can take a family photo at the end!

+ Can I take photos with my family?

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Palos Verdes

RAT Beach

Long Beach

Downtown LA

Hermosa Beach

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